Basic Cosmetology Course

This course is designed to teach the student the basic fundamentals of all phases of cosmetology and to prepare them to gain entrance into a beginning level job as qualified cosmetologist.

As a licensed cosmetologist you can:

  • Specialize in one area (ex. Color specialist)
  • Be a total cosmetologist
  • A platform artist
  • Sales representative
  • Teacher
  • Many more
Hours Required:
1500 hours
Length (Day Classes):
12 months
Length (Night Classes):
22 months
Sanitation and Bacteriology
Sanitation, Sterilization, Bacteriology, Dispensary requirements and operations. 65
Scalp Care
Head, Hair and Scalp Definitions. Shampoo, Rinses, Scalp Treatments, Disorders and Diseases 90
Hair I
Marcelling, Iron Curls, Fingerwave, Pin Curls, Basic Hairstyl;ong and techniques, Hair Cutting, Hair Trimming, Care of Wigs, Postages, Pressing. 650
Hair II
Permanent Waving, Chemical Relaxing, Tinting, Relaxing, Foiling 240
Anatomy of Skin and Muscles. Basic water, oil electric nail techniques, Artificial Nail techniques. Hand and Arm Massage. 110
Skin Care
Anatomy of skin and muscles. Facial and Make-up, Masks and Packs, Eyebrow arching. 110
Salon Operations and Communication
Human Relations, Personality and Career Development, Salon Operations/Management, Sales/Interpersonal Skills, Career Development. 120
Cosmetology Laws and Rules
Ohio Cosmetology Statues and Rules. Inspection and Enforcement. 15
Elective work may be assigned. 100
Total Hours: 1500

State Requirements (License)

The State Examination consists of practical skills as well as a written test on cosmetology.

  1. A 10th grade education or equivalent
  2. 1500 clock hours in a State Approved school
  3. A practical exam as well as a written exam
  4. A 75% on both the practical and written

Applicant Must Provide

  • The applicant must be accompanied by a model for the examination.
  • An education statement (notarized A1) or copy of Diploma.
  • One (1) picture (2½ X 3½) portait type.
  • $39.00 exam fee
  • Graduation Requirements to Receive Diploma

    1. Completed class portion with a C or better in Practical and an 80 or better in written
    2. Completed all 3 of the clinic requirements
    3. Completed both the Junior Check-out and the Senior Proficiency books
    4. Completed the State Board Review
    5. All tuition and fees paid in full, or arrangements have been made.