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Gerber Akron Beauty School would like to provide the following information as an institution who participates in the Federal Student Assistance program authorized by Title iv of the Higher Education Act of 1965.


The following are required disclosures for the courses offered:


Occupations (by name, Net-Soc code with link to occupational profiles on O*Net)

  • Hairdresser, Hairstylists and Cosmetologist 39-5012

  • Skin Care Specialist 39-5094

  • Manicurists 39-5092


National Student Loan Date System (NSLDS)

  • The cip code for Cosmetology is: 12.0401

  • The cip code for skin care is: 12.0409

  • The cip code for manicurist is: 12.0410


Government links:


Our 2017 Annual report showed that:

  • Of the 84 students who were scheduled to graduate 61 actually completed their training within the 150% time frame. 72.62 % completion rate.

  • We had 56 students scheduled to take their State Exam in 2017 and 50 of those students took both parts of the exam and passed. 89.29% license rate.

  • Of the 61 students eligible for employment, 40 students found employment in a field for which training prepared them.

  • 65.57% Placement rate

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